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Crisis of Authorial Confidence

Ouch. It was so disappointing that I'm still reeling with it.

I've been reading a book.  It's not supposed to be wonderful according to the reviews, but it was square in the center of my personal genre, so it's pretty much required reading.

The Lost Starship, by Vaughn Heppner


Having assembled his ragtag band of fugitives, drunken washouts, and regulation wavers, Captain Maddox of the Star Watch has finally brought his team to the powerful Sentinel, a vast automated starship left over from an ancient alien war, and humanity's last desperate hope against the alien invasion that is rolling towards Earth.  (Most of you can see why that's in my genre.)

Having overcome countless obstacles, they were finally there at the Sentinel's hatch, and ready to brave the dangers within.  In a stirring moment, the Captain officially invites them all to lay aside their mutual distrusts, and unite as one crew, pledging their lives (and fortunes and sacred honors, presumably) to each other with the goal of saving humanity.  One by one they overcome their distrust and agree to join him.  For humanity!

The captain turns each of them, and in a reverent whisper, administers the Star Watch Oath...  

after the oath, they head in.

I can only imagine that the author looked inside himself and just couldn't write the words of the Oath.  He couldn't find the grandeur of the scene he had set up, and so he just punted...   I still can't believe it.    The words!  Tell me the words!

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