mjp (mjperson) wrote,

Apparently, they won

Remember those light mounts installed in all of our offices I was annoyed about? Well, the hackers finally had their meeting with the department head.

The results:

  • The display creators will inform EAPS’s Department Head and Administrative Officer before they put anything on the display, and they will need explicit approval as to whether the material can be displayed or not. (NB We agreed that this does not need to go beyond the Head and AO so as to ensure the important aspect of surprise.)
  • If anything needs to happen to any of the lights, an MIT official will enter the office with explicit prior approval of (and scheduling by) the particular office dweller.
  • If anyone in EAPS has a request to display something, they agreed to help, subject to the limitations of the display. If there is such a request, it should go through the EAPS Department Head or AO.
  • While there is no set frequency as to the usage of the display, it will not become commonplace.
  • To minimize the need to interfere, the "organizers" kindly asked that the light modules remain on the windowsills and kept plugged in if at all possible. If the room occupant wishes not to have the light on, the small button can be pushed to disable the lights for the night. This will minimize the number of rooms that would have to be entered in order to make sure all of the modules are working correctly before a display goes up.
  • Violation of any of these terms will nullify the agreement and no further displays will happen.

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