August 7th, 2016


Surgical recovery, day 2

Well, the treasonous organ has been removed and eliminated as an example to any other organs who might have been considering stepping out of line.

They told me that with modern surgery techniques, recovery goes quite smoothly over just a few days. It's been only two so far (48 hours since returning from the hospital) and I suppose that is true, but it seems so much slower. I find I can't concentrate on any particular thing for more than a few minutes at a time, so I can't really do any work. Even trying to binge watch something on Netflix has me losing the thread of the plot midway though every episode.

Getting out of bed, moving to the kitchen and fixing myself a cup of soup completely exhausts me and sends me right back to bed.

Plus, I count the hours between the various pain medications.

All of this, leads to a sort of timeless feeling that is dragging the recovery period out in my mind if not necessarily in reality.

But again, it's only been two days, so I guess I should try to just suck it up. Time will pass.